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One of the best Building Contractors in Naples and the areas on the west coast of Florida

Actualizado: 9 mar 2023

Habitat Solutions Group, a high-quality contractor dedicated to constructing, renovating, and improving residential and commercial areas.

The company is highly qualified and has the most innovative equipment to perform with maximum efficiency and productivity the activities in which we specialize, fulfilling the requirements in the area of construction works in general. Over the years, the company and our contractors have grown successfully in various construction fields.

We develop and implement effective solutions in the area of civil construction, thus satisfying the needs and demands required by our customers, working methods using high technology with highly qualified personnel, allowing higher productivity and the highest quality of services.

We specialize in Commercial and Residential Construction Projects!

  • Custom House Projects

  • Total Home Remodeling

  • Home Additions

  • Kitchen Remodeling

  • Bathroom Remodeling

  • Office Remodeling

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